Dan Yeffet

International designer Dan Yeffet established his own studio in Amsterdam in 2003 after completing university. In 2005, he relocated to Paris, where he creates works that embrace traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies alike. His unrelenting search for new shapes, dimensions, and techniques is evident in the collections Muffins, Balloons, and Shadows, which he codesigned with Lucie Koldova for Brokis. Dan’s work encompasses not only products of daily use but also conceptual spaces, urban spaces, and works in galleries around the world, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and New London, Luxembourg, Paris, and London, and Holon, Israel.

For Brokis, Dan designed the lighting collections MUFFINS (with Lucie Koldova), BALLOONS (with Lucie Koldova), and SHADOWS (with Lucie Koldova).









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